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#Update 18

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#Update 18 | June 15th

Spins Reward Exchanger price has been reduced to 15M

Mystery Boxes Coins Reduced to:

Common Loot -

"Non Donator 1:100 5M",

"Regular 1:75 5M",

"Gold 1:50 5M",

"Platinum 1:25 5M",

"Immortal Instant 5M" from 100M

Rare Loot -

"Non Donator 1:100 10M",

"Regular 1:75 10M",

"Gold 1:50 10M",

"Platinum 1:25 10M",

"Immortal Instant 10M" from 300M

Legendary Pet Loot -

"Non Donator 1:100 15M",

"Regular 1:75 15M",

"Gold 1:50 15M",

"Platinum 1:25 15M",

"Immortal Instant 15M" from 500M

Legendary Loot -

"Non Donator 1:100 20M",

"Regular 1:75 20M",

"Gold 1:50 20M",

"Platinum 1:25 20M",

"Immortal Instant 20M" from 800M


Mafia's Brew Added to Vote Shop 3 Vote Points, And Trivia Shop 15 Trivia Points.

Glavin Boots are now on Donator Shop Correctly.

Legendary Pets : Bonuses are working correctly now:

Blood Pouncer - This Pet Heals amount grows everytime it levels up, Also can save you from death.

Sky Pouncer - This pet sends items to your bank without the petloot perk.

Dragon Wolf - This pet attacks your target without the pet attack perk its damage goes higher as it levels up.

Fire Drake - This pet can Note and Alchs items for you.

Rory The Reindeer - This pet increases your skills exp non combat skills.

Warborn Behemoth - This pet increases your skills exp combat skills only.

Prototype Colossus - This pet helps with prayer by giving additional points and increasing bonuses.

Reworked pet damage to scale with pet lvls

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