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KnightScape Official Rules(Server,Forums & Discord)

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Staff Members hold the right to punish any player/user they deem disruptive, these rules are only put into place as guidelines and the punishments may not be according to the rules, they could be lesser or greater. If you have any questions about the rules decreed here, please message a staff member for assistance.


We like to maintain our fun, friendly, and non-toxic community and want everyone to treat all players fairly and equally. Any form of racial slurs, teasing, or bullying in our community will not be tolerated.

[Punishments - 24h+ mute to IP-mute to ip-ban]



We try our best to be as bug-free as possible, but we\'re not perfect. As a player, you must report any bugs – big or small – that you find in KnightScape before they can be manipulated and abused. Anyone caught bug abusing will be dealt with in accordance with the severity of the bug.

[Punishments: Account ban to IP-ban]


Advertising other servers will not be tolerated. Any advertisement of other servers, discord, websites, or communities will see you completely removed from the KnightScape community indefinitely.

[Instant IP-ban]


The use of game-enhancing software or forms of AFK training is forbidden. There are measures in place to restrict AFK training. The use of external software doesn't go unnoticed and anyone caught gaining an unfair advantage will be punished.\n

 [First offence will result in a jail]


Impersonating a staff member is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with depending on the severity of the situation. All our staff will have crowns next to their name in-game and have roles assigned in Discord. If you see another player impersonating any staff members, please notify a staff member via Discord.

[Punishment - IP-Mute/Instant ban/IP-ban]


By purchasing anything on KnightScape’s store you agree to the terms set by management, see store for more details.


The selling of RuneScape or KnightScape accounts and in-game items to gain profits in real life is strictly prohibited.

[Instant IP-ban]

 Rule #8: Wilderness

Following things are NOT tolerated in the wilderness:

  • Boosting your KD with another account, person.
  • When risking in the wilderness both parties will have to agree on the rules and stakes before starting the fight (proof needed if anyone was scammed).

[Punishment varies]

Note: these rules applies to the Forums and Discord and the Server.

If you're unsure or have a question about a rule, please contact a staff member and ask them to explain it to you. Please refrain from making own assumptions/taking chances when it comes to the rules. Do also note that staff members are able to punish a player based on their action when deemed appropriate even though the action is not listed in the rules. Please use common sense when playing

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