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Price Guide: Armour

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image.pngPrice Guide.pngimage.png

This is the Armour only Price Guide.

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image.pngMagic 2.pngimage.png

image.png Celestial Hood - Not tradeable

image.png Celestial Robe Top - Not tradeable

image.png Celestial Robe Bottom - Not tradeable

image.png Celestial Gloves - Not tradeable

image.png Celestial Shoes - Not tradeable

image.png Hailfire Boots - Not tradeable

image.png Zuriel's robe bottom - Not tradeable

image.png Zuriel's robe top - Not tradeable

image.png Zuriel's hood - Not tradeable

image.png Ganodermic gloves - 5m

image.png Celestial Handwraps - 5m

image.png Ganodermic boots - 5m

image.png Ahrim's Hood - 10m

image.png Ganodermic visor - 12.5m

image.png Ahrim's robe bottom - 15m

image.png Ahrim's robe top - 20m

image.png Ward of subjugation - 25m

image.png Gloves of subjugation - 25m

image.png Boots of subjugation - 25m

image.png Ganodermic leggings - 37.5m

image.png Hood of subjugation - 50m

image.png Virtus gloves - 80m

image.png Virtus boots - 80m

image.png Gown of subjugation - 90m

image.png Garb of subjugation - 100m

image.png Ragefire boots - 100m

image.png Ganodermic poncho - 125m

image.png Virtus mask - 200m

image.png Tectonic Mask - 200m

image.png Anima Core helm of Seren - 300m

image.png Anima Core legs of Seren - 300m

image.png Anima Core body of Seren - 300m

image.png Virtus robe legs - 300m

image.png Tectonic Robe Bottom - 350m

image.png Virtus robe top - 450m

image.png Elite Tectonic Mask - 500m

image.png Tectonic Robe Top - 550m

image.png Elite Tectonic Robe Bottom - 1.05b

image.png Virtus set - 1.1b

image.png Tectonic Set - 1.1b

image.png Elite Tectonic Robe Top - 1.6b

image.png Elite Tectonic Set - 3.1b



image.png Primal full helm - Not tradeable

 image.png Primal platebody - Not tradeable

image.png Primal chainbody - Not tradeable

image.png Primal kiteshield - Not tradeable

image.png Primal gauntlets - Not tradeable

image.png Primal platelegs - Not tradeable

image.png Primal plateskirt - Not tradeable

image.png Primal boots - Not tradeable

image.png Vesta's chainbody - Not tradeable

image.png Statius's platelegs - Not tradeable

image.png Vesta's plateskirt - Not tradeable

image.png Statius's platebody - Not tradeable

image.png Statius's full helm - Not tradeable

image.png Razorback gauntlets - 5m

image.png Bandos warshield - 10m

image.png High armour of Hanto handguards - 10m

image.png High armour of Hanto sabatons - 10m

image.png Verac's helm - 10m

image.png Torag's helm - 10m

image.png Guthan's helm - 10m

image.png Dharok's helm - 10m

image.png Dharok's platelegs - 15m

image.png Verac's plateskirt - 15m

image.png Torag's platelegs - 15m

 image.png Guthan's platelegs  - 15m

image.png Verac's brassard - 20m

image.png Torag's platebody - 20m

image.png Dharok's platebody - 20m

image.png Guthan's platebody - 20m

image.png Bandos gloves - 25m

image.png Bandos boots - 25m

image.png High armour of Hanto headpiece - 30m

image.png High armour of Hanto legguards - 40m

image.png Gloves of passage - 50m

image.png Bandos helmet - 50m

image.png High armour of Hanto cuirass - 50m

image.png Torva gloves - 80m

image.png Torva boots - 80m

image.png Bandos tassets - 90m

image.png Malevolent kiteshield - 100m

image.png Bandos chestplate - 100m

image.png Steadfast boots - 100m

image.png Torva full helm - 200m

image.png Malevolent helm - 210m

image.png Anima Core helm of Zaros - 300m

image.png Anima Core body of Zaros - 300m

image.png Anima Core legs of Zaros - 300m

image.png Torva platelegs - 300m

image.png Malevolent greaves - 420m

image.png Torva platebody - 450m

image.png Malevolent cuirass - 650m

image.png Torva set - 1.11b

image.png Malevolent set - 1.28b


image.pngRange.png image.png

image.png Flarefrost boots - Not tradeable

image.png Morrigan's coif - Not tradeable

image.png Morrigan's chaps - Not tradeable

image.png Morrigan's leather body -  Not tradeable

image.png Karil's coif - 10m

image.png Karil's skirt - 15m

image.png Karil's top - 20m

image.png Armadyl buckler - 25m

image.png Armadyl gloves - 30m

image.png Armadyl boots - 30m

image.png Ascension grips - 50m

image.png Pernix gloves - 80m

image.png Pernix boots - 80m

image.png Armadyl helmet - 80m

image.png Armadyl chainskirt - 100m

image.png Armadyl chestplate - 100m

image.png Glaiven boots - 100m

image.png Cinderbane gloves (hybrid) - 150m

image.png Sirenic mask - 200m

image.png Pernix cowl - 200m

image.png Anima Core helm of Zamorak - 300m

image.png Anima Core legs of Zamorak - 300m

image.png Pernix chaps - 300m

image.png Sirenic chaps - 350m

image.png Pernix body - 450m

image.png Elite Sirenic Mask - 500m

image.png Sirenic hauberk - 550m

image.png Elite Sirenic Chaps - 1.05b

image.png Sirenic set - 1.1b

image.png Pernix set - 1.1b

image.png Elite Sirenic Hauberk - 1.6b

image.png Elite Sirenic Set - 3.1b


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