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Price Guide: Weapons

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image.pngPrice Guide.pngimage.png

This is the Weapons only Price Guide.

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image.pngMagic 2.pngimage.png

image.png Celestial Catalytic Staff - Not tradeable

image.png Zuriel's Staff - Not tradeable

image.png Abyssal Wand - 10m

image.png Abyssal Orb - 10m

image.png Ahrim's Wand - 10m

image.png Polypore staff - 10m

image.png Ahrim's Book - 15m

image.png Staff of Light - 40m

image.png Ahrim's Staff - 50m

image.png Golden/Chaotic Staff - 100m

image.png Armadyl Battlestaff - 150m

image.png Staff of darkness (Wyrm Heart) - 300m

image.png Virtus Book - 400m

image.png Virtus Wand - 400m

image.png Orb of Cywir Elders - 500m

image.png Wand of the Cywir Elders - 500m

image.png  Seismic Wand - 3b

image.png Seismic Singularity - 3b

image.png Noxious Staff - 4b

image.png Imperium Core - 4b

image.png Wand of the Praesul - 4b

image.png Staff of Sliske - 5b



image.png Primal rapier -  Not tradeable

image.png Off-hand primal rapier - Not tradeable

image.png Primal longsword - Not tradeable 

image.png Off-hand primal longsword - Not tradeable

image.png Statius's warhammer - Not tradeable

image.png Vesta's longsword - Not tradeable

image.png Vesta's spear - Not tradeable

image.png Abyssal whip - 5m

image.png Saradomin sword - 10m

image.png Verac's flail - 10m

image.png Torag's hammer - 10m

image.png Dharok's greataxe - 10m

image.png Guthan's warspear - 10m

image.png Ripper claw - 12.5m

image.png Off-hand ripper claw - 12.5m

image.png Thalassia's Revenge - 15m

image.png Rage of Hyu-Ji - 15m

image.png Zamorakian spear - 50m

image.png Blade of Nymora - 50m

image.png Blade of Avaryss - 50m

image.png Golden/Chaotic rapier - 50m

image.png Off-hand Golden/Chaotic rapier - 50m

image.png Golden/Chaotic longsword - 50m

image.png Off-hand Golden/Chaotic longsword - 50m

image.png Golden/Chaotic claw  - 50m

image.png Off-hand Golden/Chaotic claw - 50m

image.png Bandos godsword - 100m

image.png Zamorak godsword - 100m

image.png Lava whip (Wyrm spike) - 100m

image.png Golden/Chaotic maul - 100m

image.png Golden/Chaotic spear - 100m

image.png Off-hand drygore rapier - 125m

image.png Armadyl godsword - 200m

image.png Saradomin godsword - 200m

image.png Drygore rapier - 200m

image.png Drygore mace - 200m

image.png Off-hand drygore mace - 250m

image.png Drygore longsword - 250m

image.png Off-hand drygore longsword - 300m

image.png  Khopesh of the Kharidian - 400m

image.png Off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian - 400m

image.png  Dragon Rider lance - 400m

image.png Noxious Scythe - 4b

image.png Zaros godsword - 5b



image.png Morrigan's throwing axe - Not tradeable

image.png Morrigan's javelin - Not tradeable

image.png Dark Bow - 500k

image.png Winds of Waiko - 20m

image.png Karil's Crossbow - 10m

image.png Wyvern crossbow - 50m

image.png Zaryte Bow - 125m

image.png Dragon crossbow - 250m

image.png Ascension crossbow - 1b

image.png Off-hand Ascension crossbow - 1b

image.png Blightbound crossbow - 2.5b

Noxious_longbow.png?d4e2c Noxious longbow - 4b

image.png Off-hand Blightbound crossbow - 4b

image.png Seren godbow - 5b

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