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  1. #Update 39 | 6th September - Rework on Drop Chance. (Testing) - Rework on Rank Lender: Can now lend out Donator for 100M no limit on hours. Gold Ranks for 100M an hour Platinum Ranks for 500M an hour Immortal Rank 800M an hour. - Lucien HP reduced to 200k with a max hit of 700. Down from 600k with a max of 1500. - Slowly Converting Bossing to Instances. (Sunfreet, Masuta) Done #Update 40 | 9th September - Loot share has been reverted back to original mechanics. Due to Major Bugs. - Pets no longer lose their level when being picked up/dismissed. - All bosses are working in Platinum Boss Zone, use ;;pb to start/join instance. (WIP Loot Tables are being changed). - Soul Split Reworked.
  2. #Update 35 | 28th August - Loot Share has been reworked, All players within same region area, with loot share enabled, will "all" get different loot. - Some bosses have been increased health with increased hit cap. - Death Touch darts no longer completely removes cap damage on kills. - New Dungeonneering is now Multi-Combat. #Update 36 | 30th August - Added some new Events, Event board located at Home. - Added Evil Tree Event. - Dwarf Cannon Quest at home, Dwarf Cannon {WIP} Issues with Cannon not visually showing in rotation. #Update 37 | 3rd September - "HOTFIX" Fixed issue with new players account not being able to login anymore. - New Platinum Boss (WIP) Will be 3 different bosses. Which will drop different rewards. As well as "Sirenic Scales, Tectonic Energy, Malevolent Energy." #Update 38 | 4th September - Client Updated Now Discord RPC. - Client now asks if you're sure you want to close the client. - Lava Flow Mine now works.
  3. #Update 30 | 16th August - Fixed Barrel Chest, now count towards comp cape, fixed Nox staff ice dyed now works. - Can now empty water vials - Hot Fix: Fixed Comp Cape Requirements should now show correctly when finished #Update 31 | 17th August - Bork times have been reduced; Non Donator, 1 Hour CD, Donator 45 mins Gold 30 mins Platinum 15 mins Immortal No cooldown. - Mausta should now be passive - Starter Boss Gear from Mausta now is tradable. - Rune knifes and Red Chinchompa have been nerfed. - Seren Godbow has been slightly buffed. #Update 32 | 18th August - Bal'lak the Pummeller has been fixed Hp has been increased and Level, aswell as cap hit. - NPC in Varrock Sewers has been fixed. #Update 33 | 20th August - Enchanted Gem no longer glitches your inventory when opening bank. - BoneCrusher Now works correctly, Giving loot and bones. #Update 34 | 23rd August - Fixed Hydrix Enchanting with lvl 6 onyx enchant you can now make, Amulet of Souls, Deathtouch Bracelets, Deaths Ring, and Reapers Necklace. - You can now Craft, Hydrix Ring, Hydrix Necklace, Hydrix bracelet, Hydrix Amulet using a gold bar ball of wool and a hydrix at furances. - You will no longer craft your Hydrix into bolts right away when clicking on the gem.
  4. #Update 26 | 4th August - Added new Discord bot "again". Please make sure to use the .link command in the #bot-command channel. Follow the instructions from the bot to link your Discord with the in-game friends chat. - Added Bank Wealth to bank tabs. - Added Bank Capacity and Bank Space used to bank tab. #Update 27 | 10th August - You can now purchase some legendary pets via webstore. it also shows what abilities they give or have. - Fixed the incorrect players online display for bot. #Update 28 | 12th August - Added a daily reset and loyalty timer in task system. #Update 29 | 15th August - Death Touch darts no longer work with ava's gear. - Dying Offhand Asc Crossbow with shadow dye now gives the right item. - **Content Idea by Livebrazil** has now been implemented Kill Count of 3000 guarantees a pet drop, with pet chanter Kill Count of 1500 - New Requirements for Comp Cape
  5. #Update 23 | 26th June - DeathTouch Darts now work again. No cap on any bosses. - Some item stats have been updated: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, Dragon, Bandos, 3rd Age Melee, 3rd Age Range, 3rd Age Mage, Ahrim's , Dharok's, Guthan's, Karil's, Torag's, Verac's. #Update 24 | 25th July - All clue scrolls can now be used at the crystal chest and opened for a fee. The clue scrolls will be like this until the kinks can be worked out with the treasure trails. This fee depends on the clues tier level. Sorry about all the issues! - Easy - 2.5m GP - Medium - 5m GP - Hard - 10m GP - Elite - 20m GP - Helwyr now works. - Discord has been linked with public and friends chat in-game. You can send a server message from Discord directly by using the .say command in the support-ingame channel. - All furnaces should now work. Please notify Knight or a member of staff is you find another bugged one. - New players are now announced in the support-ingame channel on Discord. - The Magister now works. You can get the needed Keys of the Crossing by killing mobs inside the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon - Collection log is now live! To begin your collection and check on your log use ;;collection OR ;;cl #Update 24 | 26th July - As a token of our appreciation, all new and old players will now receive a $10 Store Credit when logging in. Thank you for supporting KnightScape!
  9. #Update 19 | 17th June - Pet Loot perk fixed. No longer creating multiple stacks in bank for same item. - Magic notepaper fixed. No longer deletes items. #Update 20 | 18th June - Mystery box now gives correct Malevolent energy. #Update 21 | 19th June - Money and ticket wipe has been completed. - Platinum and Immortal ranks can now use ;;empty to seel their inventory for half GE price. #Update 22 | 20th June - Correct amount of Malevolent energy now shows when making the armour. - Fixed ;;empty. Now removes all items instead of one. - Fixed a few grammar errors that were raised. If you find anymore please let Knight or a member of staff know.
  10. #Update 18 | June 15th - Spins Reward Exchanger price has been reduced to 15M - Mystery Boxes Coins Reduced to: Common Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 5M", "Regular 1:75 5M", "Gold 1:50 5M", "Platinum 1:25 5M", "Immortal Instant 5M" from 100M Rare Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 10M", "Regular 1:75 10M", "Gold 1:50 10M", "Platinum 1:25 10M", "Immortal Instant 10M" from 300M - Legendary Pet Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 15M", "Regular 1:75 15M", "Gold 1:50 15M", "Platinum 1:25 15M", "Immortal Instant 15M" from 500M Legendary Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 20M", "Regular 1:75 20M", "Gold 1:50 20M", "Platinum 1:25 20M", "Immortal Instant 20M" from 800M NOTE: RATE ON UPDATE IS FOR CHANCE OF COINS NOT CHANCE OF LOOT - Mafia's Brew Added to Vote Shop 3 Vote Points, And Trivia Shop 15 Trivia Points. - Glavin Boots are now on Donator Shop Correctly. - Legendary Pets : Bonuses are working correctly now: Blood Pouncer - This Pet Heals amount grows everytime it levels up, Also can save you from death. Sky Pouncer - This pet sends items to your bank without the petloot perk. Dragon Wolf - This pet attacks your target without the pet attack perk its damage goes higher as it levels up. Fire Drake - This pet can Note and Alchs items for you. Rory The Reindeer - This pet increases your skills exp non combat skills. Warborn Behemoth - This pet increases your skills exp combat skills only. Prototype Colossus - This pet helps with prayer by giving additional points and increasing bonuses. - Reworked pet damage to scale with pet lvls
  11. #Update 16 | June 13th - Players with bank command can now use ;;opengg for gear loadout presets. - Fixed vote book bonus exp percentage to give correct amount. Stacks with chest. #Update 17 | June 14th - Added Magical Cauldron to home. Removes dye from a weapon or armour piece for 100m. You get the base item and dye back.
  12. **** WE WANT YOUR VOTES. **** As the Eco has recently been failing, we've been in discussion about a potential of having a ticket and coin wipe on the server. We understand this may not be the best news you guys want to hear, and this is why we really want to hear your opinion and votes on this. The main reason for this potential wipe is to re-set the Eco as such, and ensure everyone has a fair new start. Please can you guys vote on the poll, we really encourage any feedback below as well. Thank you for being a positive and helpful community.
  13. #Update 14 | June 10th - Feathers of Ma'at have been added to Slayer shop for 1,500 coins. - Fixed some perk issues, as well as website errors. - Fixed bug with Rune/Addy bars not being noted from telos chest. - Fixed bug with Pike not turning into burnt fish when burnt. - Chargebow now fixed, player combat slightly changed. - Fixed 5K HP ring to be non-tradeable as it was meant to be in the first place. - Donations Ranks are no longer traceable. - Vote books have been reduced to 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M #Update 15 | June 11th - Changed Arrazor pet drop to 1/3000 and 1/1500 with pet chanter perk. - Added new render animations/stances for weapons. - Added KnightScape Credits to Webstore. - Fix for Pernix gear. - Nerfed Rune Knifes and Red Chins.
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