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  1. #Update 19 | 17th June - Pet Loot perk fixed. No longer creating multiple stacks in bank for same item. - Magic notepaper fixed. No longer deletes items. #Update 20 | 18th June - Mystery box now gives correct Malevolent energy. #Update 21 | 19th June - Money and ticket wipe has been completed. - Platinum and Immortal ranks can now use ;;empty to seel their inventory for half GE price. #Update 22 | 20th June - Correct amount of Malevolent energy now shows when making the armour. - Fixed ;;empty. Now removes all items instead of one. - Fixed a few grammar errors that were raised. If you find anymore please let Knight or a member of staff know.
  2. #Update 18 | June 15th - Spins Reward Exchanger price has been reduced to 15M - Mystery Boxes Coins Reduced to: Common Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 5M", "Regular 1:75 5M", "Gold 1:50 5M", "Platinum 1:25 5M", "Immortal Instant 5M" from 100M Rare Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 10M", "Regular 1:75 10M", "Gold 1:50 10M", "Platinum 1:25 10M", "Immortal Instant 10M" from 300M - Legendary Pet Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 15M", "Regular 1:75 15M", "Gold 1:50 15M", "Platinum 1:25 15M", "Immortal Instant 15M" from 500M Legendary Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 20M", "Regular 1:75 20M", "Gold 1:50 20M", "Platinum 1:25 20M", "Immortal Instant 20M" from 800M NOTE: RATE ON UPDATE IS FOR CHANCE OF COINS NOT CHANCE OF LOOT - Mafia's Brew Added to Vote Shop 3 Vote Points, And Trivia Shop 15 Trivia Points. - Glavin Boots are now on Donator Shop Correctly. - Legendary Pets : Bonuses are working correctly now: Blood Pouncer - This Pet Heals amount grows everytime it levels up, Also can save you from death. Sky Pouncer - This pet sends items to your bank without the petloot perk. Dragon Wolf - This pet attacks your target without the pet attack perk its damage goes higher as it levels up. Fire Drake - This pet can Note and Alchs items for you. Rory The Reindeer - This pet increases your skills exp non combat skills. Warborn Behemoth - This pet increases your skills exp combat skills only. Prototype Colossus - This pet helps with prayer by giving additional points and increasing bonuses. - Reworked pet damage to scale with pet lvls
  3. #Update 16 | June 13th - Players with bank command can now use ;;opengg for gear loadout presets. - Fixed vote book bonus exp percentage to give correct amount. Stacks with chest. #Update 17 | June 14th - Added Magical Cauldron to home. Removes dye from a weapon or armour piece for 100m. You get the base item and dye back.
  4. **** WE WANT YOUR VOTES. **** As the Eco has recently been failing, we've been in discussion about a potential of having a ticket and coin wipe on the server. We understand this may not be the best news you guys want to hear, and this is why we really want to hear your opinion and votes on this. The main reason for this potential wipe is to re-set the Eco as such, and ensure everyone has a fair new start. Please can you guys vote on the poll, we really encourage any feedback below as well. Thank you for being a positive and helpful community.
  5. #Update 14 | June 10th - Feathers of Ma'at have been added to Slayer shop for 1,500 coins. - Fixed some perk issues, as well as website errors. - Fixed bug with Rune/Addy bars not being noted from telos chest. - Fixed bug with Pike not turning into burnt fish when burnt. - Chargebow now fixed, player combat slightly changed. - Fixed 5K HP ring to be non-tradeable as it was meant to be in the first place. - Donations Ranks are no longer traceable. - Vote books have been reduced to 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M #Update 15 | June 11th - Changed Arrazor pet drop to 1/3000 and 1/1500 with pet chanter perk. - Added new render animations/stances for weapons. - Added KnightScape Credits to Webstore. - Fix for Pernix gear. - Nerfed Rune Knifes and Red Chins.
  6. #Update 12 | June 6th - Fixed Pernix Gear - Fixed Cooks Assistant Quest; wasn't allowing you to milk the prize cow. - Updated client, resized mode should not glitch into fixed mode. #Update 13 | June 8th - Added Nurse NPC to home. - Lent ranks now give same exp/drop rate as real ranks. - Vote books have been reduced back to normal price. - Eco has failed; getting rid of RS3 x5 prices, removing 100M tickets from drops. Everyone that has received them will keep them as a thank you for early gameplay. - Reduced Immortal rank; worth 26B from 65B
  7. #Update 11 | June 5th - Fixed Lucien and Black Stone Dragon. Both are now working. - Changed donator ranks to Regular, Gold, Platinum and Immortal see ;;store for details. - Ranks give exp and drop rate bonuses. Can also destroy rank for tickets. - Regular - 25% exp boost +0.5 drop rate. Worth 2B. - Gold - 35% exp boost +3.0 drop rate. Worth 5B. - Platinum - 45% exp boost + 6.0 drop rate. Worth 16B. - Immortal - 55% exp boost +10.0 drop rate. Worth 62.5B. - Removed giant mole from bosses. - Added Mafias potions to vote rewards. - Vote book coins have been raised to 25M,50M,75M,100M. They will change with 2x and 4x weekends. - Mining teleports have been added. - Freezing with Crafting/Fletching etc. should now be fixed. If you're still freezing please update your client from the website. - Remove the client launcher for the meantime, please delete it. - Lent donator ranks Gold and higher can now access donator zones. - Fixed SoF spins not refreshing correctly.
  8. #Update 7 | April 1st - Fixed Stats on starter boss gear/weapons, Armadyl Gear, Dragon Rider gear, zartye bow, boogie bow, sarraitgas bow, starfire bow. #Update 8 | April 4th - T70 - T90 Gears all fixed included dyed ones. #Update 9 | April 10th - Minigames Pest Control & Soul Warms now working. - Added Droprate to ranks - Bronze "1.0", Silver "2.5", Gold "3.0", Diamond "5.0" & Master "10.0" - T70 - T92 weapons should now be right stats. - Added Quad exp weekend; 2nd weekend of every month, now also adds stats to vote books if used on weekends. - Elite dungeon - located north of gold city, dragon kin lab teleport. #Update 10 | April 18th - All stats have been updated: Sirenic, Elite sirens, Malevolent, Tectonic, Elite Tectonic, Chaotic, Golden Chaotic etc.
  9. Weekly updates will be posted, keep up to date on here or on our discord. #Update 1 | March 20th - - Fixed bottom Jaw with wings looking broken. #Update 2 | March 21st - - Health ring AKA Ring of Vigour now gives you 5k hp, can only buy with 100 vote points. #Update 3 | March 23rd - - Fixed Gilded Altar now allows you to pray with bones. - Fletching bloodwood logs now works. - Making Bakriminel Bolts now works. #Update 4 | March 24th - - Special shout gives Mystery Box. #Update 5 | March 27th - - Fixed Donator Shops #Update 6 | March 28th - - Reduced Chaotics offhand prices - Father Aereck is now located at home by deaths portal. - Can now change your Gravestone to last longer via father. - Loaded up forums a bit.
  10. Welcome to my GFX Store, as you are all aware I am the GFX Designer here on KnightScape. I have done everything visual on the Forums, from the KnightScape Logo to the backgrounds you can change. I also designed the main section of the website which you can see when you first type our webpage in. The website was coded and developed by Key too, so good job to him too. I have done a log in screen for the server, which is also due to be put back up. There will soon be all loading screens made by myself too. If you're interested in any type of signatures you can HMU on discord, forums or in game. If you would like a signature made please aim to make it as detailed of a request as possible please. My prices are a set amount of 5b per signature. Here is some more of my work: You can also check out my work as I said on the homepage where the background images are.
  11. This is the Other Gear only Price Guide. (CTRL + F to search) Araxxi's Eye - Not sold Spider leg top - Not sold Spider leg middle - Not sold Spider leg bottom - Not sold Ganodermic flake - 2.2k Dormant Anima Core helm - 575k Dormant Anima Core body - 600k Dormant Anima Core legs - 600k Draconic Energy - 970k Ragefire glands - 2.2m Tectonic Energy - 4m Crest of Seren - 100m Dormant Staff of Sliske - 190m Orb of pure anima - 1.25-1.5b ** Orb of corrupted anima - 1.25-1.5b ** Orb of volcanic anima - 1.25-1.5b ** ** = Different game mechanics. Based on end item price Araxxi's Fang - Not sold Dormant Anima Core helm - 575k Dormant Anima Core body - 600k Dormant Anima Core legs - 600k Malevolent energy - 4m Steadfast scale - 67m Dormant Zaros godsword - 225m Crest of Zaros - 235m Orb of pure anima - 1.25-1.5b ** Orb of corrupted anima - 1.25-1.5b ** Orb of volcanic anima - 1.25-1.5b ** ** = Different game mechanics. Based on end item price Araxxi's Web - Not sold Ascension bolts - 550gp Araxyte arrows - 900gp Dragon arrows - 1.2k Dragonstone bolts (e) - 1.6k Diamond bolts (e) - 1.65k Diamond bolts - 1.66k Dragonstone bolts - 1.7k Onyx bolts - 37k Onyx bolts (e) - 38.5k Glaiven wing-tips - 40.5m Ascendri bolts - 45.5k Dormant Anima Core helm - 575k Dormant Anima Core body - 600k Dormant Anima Core legs - 600k Ancient scale - 3.1m Sirenic scale - 4m Dormant Seren Godbow - 56m Crest of Zamorak - 57m Orb of pure anima - 1.25-1.5b** Orb of corrupted anima - 1.25-1.5b** Orb of volcanic anima - 1.25-1.5b** ** = Different game mechanics. Based on end item price
  12. This is the Armour only Price Guide. (CTRL + F to search) Celestial Hood - Not tradeable Celestial Robe Top - Not tradeable Celestial Robe Bottom - Not tradeable Celestial Gloves - Not tradeable Celestial Shoes - Not tradeable Hailfire Boots - Not tradeable Ganodermic gloves - 435k Ganodermic boots - 450k Ganodermic visor - 760k Celestial Handwraps - 1.37m Ganodermic leggings - 3.2m Ahrim's Hood - 3.8m Ahrim's robe bottom - 6.25m Zuriel's hood - 6.5m Ganodermic poncho - 10m Ahrim's robe top - 11.5m Ward of subjugation - 15m Gloves of subjugation - 20m Boots of subjugation - 20m Virtus gloves - 29.5m Virtus boots - 30m Hood of subjugation - 40m Virtus mask - 44m Zuriel's robe bottom - 50m Zuriel's robe top - 52m Garb of subjugation - 60m Gown of subjugation - 75m Tectonic Mask - 85m Ragefire boots - 102m Anima Core helm of Seren - 110m Anima Core legs of Seren - 112m Anima Core body of Seren - 113m Virtus robe legs - 127.5m Tectonic Robe Bottom - 170m Virtus robe top - 175m Elite Tectonic Mask - 215m Tectonic Robe Top - 255m Virtus set - 406m Elite Tectonic Robe Bottom - 435m Tectonic Set - 510m Elite Tectonic Robe Top - 680m Elite Tectonic Set - 1.33b Emberkeen boots - Not sold Primal full helm - Not tradeable Primal platebody - Not tradeable Primal chainbody - Not tradeable Primal kiteshield - Not tradeable Primal gauntlets - Not tradeable Primal platelegs - Not tradeable Primal plateskirt - Not tradeable Primal boots - Not tradeable Bandos warshield - 950k High armour of Hanto handguards - 1m High armour of Hanto sabatons - 1m Bandos helmet - 1.9m Verac's helm - 1.9m Torag's helm - 1.96m High armour of Hanto headpiece - 2m Guthan's helm - 2.05m Dharok's helm - 2.25m Statius's platelegs - 2.3m Bandos boots - 2.4m Vesta's plateskirt - 2.4m Statius's platebody - 2.56m Razorback gauntlets - 2.69m Bandos gloves - 2.7m Statius's full helm - 2.76m Dharok's platelegs - 2.9m Vesta's chainbody - 3.76m Verac's plateskirt - 4m Torag's platelegs - 4m High armour of Hanto legguards - 4m High armour of Hanto cuirass - 5m Guthan's platelegs - 5.5m Gloves of passage - 6.35m Verac's brassard - 7.85m Torag's platebody - 8m Dharok's platebody - 9m Guthan's platebody - 8m Bandos tassets - 12.5m Bandos chestplate - 25m Steadfast boots - 30.5m Malevolent helm - 32.5m Malevolent kiteshield - 34m Malevolent greaves - 62.5m Torva gloves - 90m Torva boots - 90m Malevolent cuirass - 96.5m Anima Core helm of Zaros - 147.5m Torva full helm - 190m Malevolent set - 225.5m Anima Core body of Zaros - 235m Anima Core legs of Zaros - 239m Torva platelegs - 275m Torva platebody - 470m Torva set - 1.11b Flarefrost boots - Not tradeable Morrigan's coif - 1.68m Karil's coif - 2.3m Morrigan's chaps - 6.5m Karil's skirt - 6.75m Morrigan's leather body - 11m Karil's top - 13.7m Armadyl helmet - 14m Armadyl buckler - 14m Armadyl gloves - 15m Armadyl boots - 15.5m Ascension grips - 25m Pernix gloves - 30m Sirenic mask - 42.5m Pernix cowl - 43m Armadyl chainskirt - 45m Armadyl chestplate - 50.5m Pernix boots - 54.5m Anima Core helm of Zamorak - 73m Sirenic chaps - 83.5m Anima Core legs of Zamorak - 85m Glaiven boots - 85.5m Pernix chaps - 104m Sirenic hauberk - 122m Pernix body - 123.5m Cinderbane gloves (hybrid) - 234.5m Sirenic set - 248m Pernix set - 355m Elite Sirenic Mask - 428m Elite Sirenic Chaps - 835m Elite Sirenic Hauberk - 1.13b Elite Sirenic Set - 2.4b
  13. This is the Weapons only Price Guide. (CTRL + F to search) Celestial Catalytic Staff - Not tradeable Abyssal Wand - 915k Abyssal Orb - 940k Ahrim's Wand - 4.6m Ahrim's Book - 6m Polypore staff - 8m Staff of Light - 11m Ahrim's Staff - 25m Virtus Book - 30m Virtus Wand - 35m Armadyl Battlestaff - 46.5m Orb of Cywir Elders - 55m Zuriel's Staff - 56.5m Wand of the Cywir Elders - 75m Golden/Chaotic Staff - 75m Staff of darkness (Wyrm Heart) - 185m Seismic Wand - 310m Seismic Singularity - 695m Noxious Staff - 839m Imperium Core - 1.84b Wand of the Praesul - 2.44b Staff of Sliske - 3.95b Primal rapier - Not tradeable Off-hand primal rapier - Not tradeable Primal longsword - Not tradeable Off-hand primal longsword - Not tradeable Abyssal whip - 353k Saradomin sword - 1.15m Verac's flail - 2m Torag's hammer - 2.1m Dharok's greataxe - 2.9m Vesta's longsword - 2.98m Guthan's warspear - 4.5m Ripper claw - 4.5m Off-hand ripper claw - 5m Bandos godsword - 6m Zamorakian spear - 10m Thalassia's Revenge - 10m Rage of Hyu-Ji - 10m Blade of Nymora - 12.5m Zamorak godsword - 12.5m Blade of Avaryss - 12.5m Armadyl godsword - 23.5m Vesta's spear - 27.5m Golden/Chaotic rapier - 40m Off-hand Golden/Chaotic rapier - 40m Golden/Chaotic longsword - 40m Off-hand Golden/Chaotic longsword - 40m Golden/Chaotic claw - 40m Off-hand Golden/Chaotic claw - 40m Lava whip (Wyrm spike) - 40.5m Khopesh of the Kharidian - 50m Off-hand Khopesh of the Kharidian - 50m Saradomin godsword - 54m Golden/Chaotic maul - 75m Golden/Chaotic spear - 75m Drygore rapier - 85m Drygore mace - 94m Off-hand drygore rapier - 140m Off-hand drygore mace - 141m Drygore longsword - 176m Off-hand drygore longsword - 182.5m Dragon Rider lance - 248m Statius's warhammer - 374.5m Noxious Scythe - 1.05b Zaros godsword - 4.65b Morrigan's throwing axe - 26.5k Morrigan's javelin - 28k Dark Bow - 360k Winds of Waiko - 10m Dragon crossbow - 17m Karil's Crossbow - 20m Zaryte Bow - 52.5m Wyvern crossbow - 112m Ascension crossbow - 562.5m Off-hand Ascension crossbow - 567.5m Noxious longbow - 845m Blightbound crossbow - 2.38b Off-hand Blightbound crossbow - 2.79b Seren godbow - 4.17b
  14. Below is the staff roles, each role has a specific duty to fill and this will enable you to see what each of our staff team do and gives you and insight to if you wanted to be staff, where you can get yourself. Server Support: These are the lowest Staff Members we have. They are the only ones who very recently got promoted and are learning how to handle their new commands to their use. Server Support's can: kick, mute and jail your account. As mentioned in the name, they are solely here for the purpose of being supportive and helping player needs. All Staff Members have to start as a Server Support. Server Moderator: When the Staff Manager believes that we're in need of someone with a higher power and believe there is a person to fit it, that person will receive a promotion from Server Support to a Server Moderator. This is a rather big promotion in terms of commands and responsibilities. Moderators can; ban & ip-ban on top of the Server support commands. Moderator's can also take care of player appeals & reports. Staff Members will most likely have this rank for a very long time. Server GFX Designer: This rank are for those who create and manage all incoming graphics for the server, forums and website. In most cases, these members have the same commands in-game as the Server Moderators. Head Moderator: When a Moderator gets promoted, they either a) receive an Administrator position or b) receive the Head Moderator position. That decision is made by the Staff Manager. The Head Moderator is still a Moderator, but with a few more responsibilities. The member who earns this position is the most experienced Moderator, and will be the "leader" of the Moderators. They are able to hold Staff Meetings and access to handle gamble requests such as taking and giving dicer/senior gambler rank. There can only be one Head Moderator. Forum Manager: This rank are for those who Administrate the Forum. The Forum Manager updates the Forum and makes sure it's always clean from spammers and bots. They spend their time making new channels and adding new things to it, like guides and appeal centres to make sure this is the go-to place instead of Discord. In most cases, these members will also have the same commands in-game as the Server Moderators. Server Administrator: These members manage the server's administration. This means they manage all the issues relevant to a player's account. This will mean; recoveries, refunds, bugs and always make sure the Moderators make justified decisions in Appeals & Reports. Administrators are the go-to people when in need of account assistance. Sounds easy, but requires a lot of experience and being able to view things from different perspectives. Also, don't forget Administrators still have the same responsibilities as the lower ranked ones. Server Administrator is usually the highest rank a member will reach. Head Administrator (Server Manager): This is the highest rank a player can receive. This person manages the whole Staff Team and the Server. The Manager helps the Owner with content creation and delivers import messages as well as makes sure the Developer's prioritise what the players & server needs the most. This person is in charge of the Staff Team and deals with the demotions & promotions. In addition to this, they also take care of Staff Reports and Player Suggestions. The manager is also in charge of hosting server & forum events. They are to complete off-topic tasks provided by owners. There can only be one Head Administrator. Owner/Developer: KnightMafia, God & Key Too focus on the technical, such as client issues, bugs and things that refrain the player from enjoying the game player. KnightMafia & Key Too focus on the content, such as creating bosses, adding new items to make sure the player's are entertained. Aside from Development, the Owner's have the right to over-rule any decision made by their Staff Members. The Owners should not easily be contacted, because they do not want to deal with issues that they have Staff Members for. When a Owner is needed, an Administrator will contact them. The Head Administrator communicates daily with the Owners to update them with what's going on and what suggestions we should consider. The Owner's take care of advertisements, voting and everything else.
  15. • In-Game Name: Cheshur • How old are you? 25 • Timezone: UK GMT+1 • What position are you applying for? Forum Manager • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I'm currently the Graphics Designer, however I would like to become Forum Manager as I have a vast amount of experience within Forums and I feel I would make a good asset to that part of the staff. I am flexible and willing to learn new things, but also willing to help others be their true potential. • Do you have any past staff experience? Yes, I've been Forums Moderator on one other server, I was there only Forums Moderator and did this for several years. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? Managing the forums efficiently, keeping it up to date and ensuring there is no spam, or unwanted material. • Additional Information: No additional information to add, only I hope I am considered 🙂
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