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  3. #Update 19 | 17th June - Pet Loot perk fixed. No longer creating multiple stacks in bank for same item. - Magic notepaper fixed. No longer deletes items. #Update 20 | 18th June - Mystery box now gives correct Malevolent energy. #Update 21 | 19th June - Money and ticket wipe has been completed. - Platinum and Immortal ranks can now use ;;empty to seel their inventory for half GE price. #Update 22 | 20th June - Correct amount of Malevolent energy now shows when making the armour. - Fixed ;;empty. Now removes all items instead of one. - Fixed a few grammar errors that were raised. If you find anymore please let Knight or a member of staff know.
  4. #Update 18 | June 15th - Spins Reward Exchanger price has been reduced to 15M - Mystery Boxes Coins Reduced to: Common Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 5M", "Regular 1:75 5M", "Gold 1:50 5M", "Platinum 1:25 5M", "Immortal Instant 5M" from 100M Rare Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 10M", "Regular 1:75 10M", "Gold 1:50 10M", "Platinum 1:25 10M", "Immortal Instant 10M" from 300M - Legendary Pet Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 15M", "Regular 1:75 15M", "Gold 1:50 15M", "Platinum 1:25 15M", "Immortal Instant 15M" from 500M Legendary Loot - "Non Donator 1:100 20M", "Regular 1:75 20M", "Gold 1:50 20M", "Platinum 1:25 20M", "Immortal Instant 20M" from 800M NOTE: RATE ON UPDATE IS FOR CHANCE OF COINS NOT CHANCE OF LOOT - Mafia's Brew Added to Vote Shop 3 Vote Points, And Trivia Shop 15 Trivia Points. - Glavin Boots are now on Donator Shop Correctly. - Legendary Pets : Bonuses are working correctly now: Blood Pouncer - This Pet Heals amount grows everytime it levels up, Also can save you from death. Sky Pouncer - This pet sends items to your bank without the petloot perk. Dragon Wolf - This pet attacks your target without the pet attack perk its damage goes higher as it levels up. Fire Drake - This pet can Note and Alchs items for you. Rory The Reindeer - This pet increases your skills exp non combat skills. Warborn Behemoth - This pet increases your skills exp combat skills only. Prototype Colossus - This pet helps with prayer by giving additional points and increasing bonuses. - Reworked pet damage to scale with pet lvls
  5. #Update 16 | June 13th - Players with bank command can now use ;;opengg for gear loadout presets. - Fixed vote book bonus exp percentage to give correct amount. Stacks with chest. #Update 17 | June 14th - Added Magical Cauldron to home. Removes dye from a weapon or armour piece for 100m. You get the base item and dye back.
  6. Your application has been accepted Kluster. I think you will be a valuable member of staff!
  7. You have proven to be a valuable member of our staff team and the community. Your application has been accepted 😄
  8. **** WE WANT YOUR VOTES. **** As the Eco has recently been failing, we've been in discussion about a potential of having a ticket and coin wipe on the server. We understand this may not be the best news you guys want to hear, and this is why we really want to hear your opinion and votes on this. The main reason for this potential wipe is to re-set the Eco as such, and ensure everyone has a fair new start. Please can you guys vote on the poll, we really encourage any feedback below as well. Thank you for being a positive and helpful community.
  9. #Update 14 | June 10th - Feathers of Ma'at have been added to Slayer shop for 1,500 coins. - Fixed some perk issues, as well as website errors. - Fixed bug with Rune/Addy bars not being noted from telos chest. - Fixed bug with Pike not turning into burnt fish when burnt. - Chargebow now fixed, player combat slightly changed. - Fixed 5K HP ring to be non-tradeable as it was meant to be in the first place. - Donations Ranks are no longer traceable. - Vote books have been reduced to 2M, 3M, 4M & 5M #Update 15 | June 11th - Changed Arrazor pet drop to 1/3000 and 1/1500 with pet chanter perk. - Added new render animations/stances for weapons. - Added KnightScape Credits to Webstore. - Fix for Pernix gear. - Nerfed Rune Knifes and Red Chins.
  10. #Update 12 | June 6th - Fixed Pernix Gear - Fixed Cooks Assistant Quest; wasn't allowing you to milk the prize cow. - Updated client, resized mode should not glitch into fixed mode. #Update 13 | June 8th - Added Nurse NPC to home. - Lent ranks now give same exp/drop rate as real ranks. - Vote books have been reduced back to normal price. - Eco has failed; getting rid of RS3 x5 prices, removing 100M tickets from drops. Everyone that has received them will keep them as a thank you for early gameplay. - Reduced Immortal rank; worth 26B from 65B
  11. #Update 11 | June 5th - Fixed Lucien and Black Stone Dragon. Both are now working. - Changed donator ranks to Regular, Gold, Platinum and Immortal see ;;store for details. - Ranks give exp and drop rate bonuses. Can also destroy rank for tickets. - Regular - 25% exp boost +0.5 drop rate. Worth 2B. - Gold - 35% exp boost +3.0 drop rate. Worth 5B. - Platinum - 45% exp boost + 6.0 drop rate. Worth 16B. - Immortal - 55% exp boost +10.0 drop rate. Worth 62.5B. - Removed giant mole from bosses. - Added Mafias potions to vote rewards. - Vote book coins have been raised to 25M,50M,75M,100M. They will change with 2x and 4x weekends. - Mining teleports have been added. - Freezing with Crafting/Fletching etc. should now be fixed. If you're still freezing please update your client from the website. - Remove the client launcher for the meantime, please delete it. - Lent donator ranks Gold and higher can now access donator zones. - Fixed SoF spins not refreshing correctly.
  12. #Update 7 | April 1st - Fixed Stats on starter boss gear/weapons, Armadyl Gear, Dragon Rider gear, zartye bow, boogie bow, sarraitgas bow, starfire bow. #Update 8 | April 4th - T70 - T90 Gears all fixed included dyed ones. #Update 9 | April 10th - Minigames Pest Control & Soul Warms now working. - Added Droprate to ranks - Bronze "1.0", Silver "2.5", Gold "3.0", Diamond "5.0" & Master "10.0" - T70 - T92 weapons should now be right stats. - Added Quad exp weekend; 2nd weekend of every month, now also adds stats to vote books if used on weekends. - Elite dungeon - located north of gold city, dragon kin lab teleport. #Update 10 | April 18th - All stats have been updated: Sirenic, Elite sirens, Malevolent, Tectonic, Elite Tectonic, Chaotic, Golden Chaotic etc.
  13. Weekly updates will be posted, keep up to date on here or on our discord. #Update 1 | March 20th - - Fixed bottom Jaw with wings looking broken. #Update 2 | March 21st - - Health ring AKA Ring of Vigour now gives you 5k hp, can only buy with 100 vote points. #Update 3 | March 23rd - - Fixed Gilded Altar now allows you to pray with bones. - Fletching bloodwood logs now works. - Making Bakriminel Bolts now works. #Update 4 | March 24th - - Special shout gives Mystery Box. #Update 5 | March 27th - - Fixed Donator Shops #Update 6 | March 28th - - Reduced Chaotics offhand prices - Father Aereck is now located at home by deaths portal. - Can now change your Gravestone to last longer via father. - Loaded up forums a bit.
  14. Always see you online, Helping our players mate. Think you would fit this position very well +1 from me. Keep doing what your doing bud :)
  15. Atm your application is denied, i would like to see you more of you in-game helping and active, as your a freshly new player to the server. Do not allow this to discourage your activity and in-game play.
  16. Great player, very helpful, always see him helping even when im online and watching over things. i think he would make the perfect candidate for a server support! you have my vote. thanks for all you do keep up ur activeness and communication with everyone!
  17. Very active and knowledgeable player who already helps out players and staff already. I think you would be a valuable support member, you have my vote!
  18. You have been an incredibly helpful and valuable part of the staff team and community as a whole. You have my vote - I think you would do a fantastic job!
  19. Welcome to my GFX Store, as you are all aware I am the GFX Designer here on KnightScape. I have done everything visual on the Forums, from the KnightScape Logo to the backgrounds you can change. I also designed the main section of the website which you can see when you first type our webpage in. The website was coded and developed by Key too, so good job to him too. I have done a log in screen for the server, which is also due to be put back up. There will soon be all loading screens made by myself too. If you're interested in any type of signatures you can HMU on discord, forums or in game. If you would like a signature made please aim to make it as detailed of a request as possible please. My prices are a set amount of 5b per signature. Here is some more of my work: You can also check out my work as I said on the homepage where the background images are.
  20. You have my support, keep being active and helping others, i'm sure you it will pay 😉
  21. a good person for the server, a good friend, nothing negative to say about you .. you deserve this status of moderator ! Thank you
  22. Great active player. Never hesitates to help out any player whether it be a new one or a veteran. 100% got my support<3
  23. • In-Game Name: Klusterfuk • How old are you? 27 • Timezone: EST • What position are you applying for? Server Support • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I really love the server and all the players in the community, I enjoy playing the server and helping others when possible • Do you have any past staff experience? Few times in the past I was mod and co-admin • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? I believe I'm expected to help others when they're stuck/glitched, with bugs and reporting to the higher powers when I can't solve or fix the issue • Additional Information: Ya'll are like my second family I enjoy my stay on the server and made alot of good friends, I hope to stick around with you all to see it grow
  24. You have been a great help lately and have stepped up a lot, you have my vote for moderator keep up the awesome work and thank you for everything you have done towards this server!
  25. • In-Game Name: Hash • How old are you? 22 • Timezone: (GMT+1) • What position are you applying for? Moderator • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I want to become moderator, Because i think i can fit the role well as i have a great understanding of the game. My passion is helping our players and also the new starters get where they need to be. I am server support at the moment but would like too see myself progress through ranks with hard work and determination to our great and soon to be huge community. • Do you have any past staff experience? I have been numerous positions in the past on other servers I've played over the years. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? My role would be helping players, working aside the community finding bugs also helping with player reports and appeals. • Additional Information: Like i said in my last application, thank you. I am very blessed to work aside a great community and staff team to keep this server going smooth. Wish you all the best :)
  26. Yessir!! Always helpful to other players and I. Continuously brainstorming in the discord on how to improve the QoL of the server. i think it would be a great fit for you man! +1
  27. • In-Game Name: Four/Two • How old are you? 23 • Timezone: Est • What position are you applying for? Server Support • Which languages do you speak? English • Why do you want to be a part of the staff team? I feel I would make a great addition to the staff team because I want to see the server grow. I enjoy testing out new content and finding bugs/glitches that affect the game. I get enjoyment from helping others and teaching them new things. I'm constantly recruiting new players and helping out older players with questions and concerns they may have. • Do you have any past staff experience? I have been staff on various diffferent servers within the past 7-8 years. I have experience in real life with leadership roles and have excelled in any position I have been placed in. • Please write what you think should be required and expected from the role you are applying for? As a server support, you should be one of the most active staff members. Your job in game is to provide information to players, along with finding bugs, glitches, and enforcing the rules to the best of my ability. A server support should provide all necessary help they can without having to get assistance from a higher staff member. • Additional Information: Its nice to finally find a server that has an owner and developer that take their roles seriously. The community on this game is one of the best I personally have been apart of in all my years of playing RSPS'. To be able to provide my services and make this community even better would be amazing.
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